The Booklets ("Oregon 1859 - History Snapshot") 

Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Port Orford Lifeboat Station

Hughes House 

Coquille River Lighthouse

These are available at the above locations, with Coquille available at the Bandon Museum.



Originator of "Oregon Lights" Quilt Blocks


Thanks for stopping by!  Good News for Me!  I retired!

Sad news: I have lost both of my of artist partners.  Both were talented artists that helped me bring my visions to life.

I truly appreciate everyone who purchased our quilt blocks since their inception in 1986, just a couple of years ago, right?  

About my two main artist partners:

John Horne:  John was the artist behind the original "Oregon Lights".  He was a writer, photographer, artist, and a cartoonist.  John passed in 2006.  RIP

Marie Norris:  Marie was the artist behind some of the lighthouses and all of the covered bridges.  Marie passed in June 2018.  Marie was my husband's sister. RIP